Thanks from New Jersey

This type of ministry is greatly needed in the church, too many of God's people are walking in and out of church, here in America hurting and needing to have so many things broken out and off their lives.

 I can say without any hesitation “It has done wonders for me" and I can joyfully say I'm not the same person after being helped by your ministry.

 I am hearing God so much clearer than I have ever heard him before. Many of the other dominating voices along with the deep hurts and fears and uncertainties that controlled me are no longer running and ruining neither me nor my life relationships.

 Even my wife has commented several times on how much different I am.  Praise God!

  Since having my session with you I have not stopped thanking God for you and your wonderful ministry. I could only imagine what a tremendous blessing it would be for me to become a group participant in this kind of ministry.


The Golden Altar

 Hi Roger & Robin, 

I began listening to your recommended teaching 'On the Golden Altar'. I must say it is very good and I am learning so much from it. 
I don't think I've ever really understood the cost of  becoming a true minister....the crushing.....the dying, over and over and over and over again......entering....coming out...and entering again.  Thank you for all you go through to minister to those the Lord calls you to.  
The picture of the mortar bowl and pestle below reminds me of the bowl of where you both willingly lie and receive the crushing of the Lord. The sweet fragrance is so pleasing to the Lord.
Be blessed and continue to be crushed for your fragrance is priceless unto the Lord!
Theresa ><>




Eeeek! A Testimony!

I found myself sitting before Roger and Robin in a huge place of desperation. I needed help in a very big way. I knew truth but I didn’t feel truth. I knew I was doing wrong but I had no strength or power to bring myself out of my situation. In a very beautiful, kind, loving two-hour session I was set on the path of freedom and restoration. They never once asked me what I was struggling with or what sins I had committed. We simply prayed as Holy Spirit led. At the end of the session I was determined to get freedom and answers and wanted to leave with hope. I summarized my problem as that I was not in love with Jesus and that I didn't believe. I didn’t know Him and that I wanted to fall in love. We prayed.


I left feeling empowered and changed. I felt like a door had been opened, a small one, and hope was peeking in.  Within a few months that relationship crumbled and it was incredibly, excruciatingly painful. I still have scars. But on my knees I asked God to help me fall in love with Him and to mend my heart. It happened. As months went by in my loneliness and broken-heartedness, God showed up each and every day and told me that He loved me. He showed me how His love is real and pure. He showed me why He wants us to be faithful in relationships and how beautiful and valuable I am. All of this came to me like little waterfalls of revelation, in quiet conversations. I was broken-hearted and seeking and Roger and Robin helped open that door for truth to come in and set me free. 


Suddenly, hearing His voice was much easier. I no longer approached Him with such shame that I felt I could not draw close. I went right up to Him and sat on His lap and told Him everything. He opened a door for me to go to Africa and spend time with the poor. Again, quite suddenly, my desires and affections changed. We grew closer and closer. He really loves the poor, the desperate and the broken-hearted. He showed me how I was no different and how His heart broke for me in my lost and empty place. 


Now I am head over heels in love. I know my Savior. The door is open wide and I am overwhelmed by His love for me. They gently, but so powerfully helped set me free. I am not the same. It feels so good. I am forever, eternally grateful for Roger and Robin and their ministry which has given me such new life.