FOH Prayers and Proclamations Manual (Expandable Binder 25.00 with Shipping 35.00)

Our Best Ministry Tool! Used by those who minister to others and for those who desire more freedom in their own personal journey.

FOH Prayers and Proclamations Manual (insert only) ($25 Shipped)

 Newly Revised Prayer Manual inserts without binder for those who wish to purchase their own binder.

FOH Prayers and Proclamations Manual Email Download Attachment ($12)

Necessary for a Phone Ministry Session, if you do not already have the Manual. Click the button and the electronic attachment will be sent by to you by email.

FOH Prayers and Proclamation Manual(Spanish Translation ($20.00 Shipped)

FOH Prayers and Proclamation Spanish Manual Email Download Attachment ($12)

Restructuring for Forward Movement Cranford, NJ -June, 2013 (3 CDs/$15)

This teaching is based on how we can learn to dress ourselves in ungodly armor for protection. This can also make it very difficult for any person trying to gain spiritual and emotional freedom. We are promised by the Word of God that we can work on gaining greater freedom.  Before we can put on the armor of light, we must remove our old armor that hinders and weighs us down. In this recording, we discuss how we can discern the type of armor we are wearing, including the prayer that asks and allows God to replace the old armor with the armor of light.

Hello Human Spirit Seminar NJ 2013 (3 CDs/$15)

This seminar was done in Cranford NJ at the Kingdom Training Institute with Pastor Russ Painter. We shared with the group new insights we had discovered in addressing the human spirit in a more powerful way. This insight will help improve the way we minister to ourselves and others in the body of Christ. The Holy Spirit came in as He always does and the time we shared together was powerful..

Removing the Cloak of Mourning Teaching (2 CDs/$12)

This teaching is on the subject of mourning and grief and the different ways we can be affected throughout our lifetime. Grief is the processing of a great loss, whether it's a loved one passing or the loss of friendships, finances and so much more. Sometimes we get stuck mourning the loss and can't seem to move forward, so life seems to stop. But, life can begin again with the help of the Holy Spirit.  This teaching will help you break through and begin to live again. This teaching is for anyone who has experienced loss, but may be having trouble moving forward.

Generational Cleansing Basic Teaching (3 CDs/$18)

This teaching discusses the need for generational cleansing. Many times, the enemy has legal rights to harass us due to ancestral acts that created openings for the enemy to work against us. Receiving the truth from the Holy Spirit of how curses continue in the family line, confessing and applying the Blood of Jesus to these roadblocks releases us from these bondages into Christ's freedom.

Prayers to open Doors (1 CD/$6)

 This teaching reveals how vows and judgments can hinder from receiving freedom in any ministry setting.

Restoring Generational Freedom Conference (5 CDs/$20)

Conference teaching focusing on the subject of how generational curses can continue to plague people even after they experience salvation and what can be done to have greater freedom in fulfilling our God given destinies.

The Gold & Silver Keys Seminar (5 CDs/$20)

This 5 CD set teaches the importance of why we need to be blessed and released into adulthood to run our race; left undone, we can be hindered from our forward movement in life. This is one of our most popular teaching sets.