Ministry Information


We deal with traumas in individuals so that God's abundant life might be more easily accessed and experienced. We deal with spiritual roots so that repeating cycles can be broken. God has helped us develop some tools that deal with these issues, not as ' counselors' or 'coaches' but more like spiritual surgeons.

A typical ministry session will begin with prayer to open the session, either before or after a time of brief discussion. We will look over your questionnaire as we begin our discussion. You may want to tell us more specifics than the questionnaire allows room for. We will usually both be in attendance during your session, unless it is a phone session; in which case, we may not both be present during the entire session.

 In a personal ministry session, our goal is for you to feel safe and secure, knowing that the Lord is leading your session. We listen very closely to what He wants us to pray with you and hope that you will be listening to Him as well. Many times we will have you ask the Lord for the answers to the questions that need to be asked. The tools that the Lord has given us to use in this type of ministry enable us to lead you through the session, knowing that He is leading you to a deeper place of Intimacy with Him.

During this time, He will choose the course that is needed for your freedom. Our ministry is a very gentle, nurturing type of prayer that is meant to edify and build you up, while removing strongholds that may be holding you captive in different areas of your life. We believe that our ministry is fueled by Truth, since the knowledge of the truth sets us free; because if the Son sets us free, then we are free indeed.