Robin and Roger Fields


 Our original and ongoing desire is to be where the Glory of God is setting people free, leading them into their destinies to fulfill His Kingdom purposes.

In 1984, Roger was licensed to preach the gospel and was Ordained in 1989. Roger earned his BBS degree with a focus in Ministry Leadership and Christian Counseling.  In 1997 Robin was ordained to preach the gospel as well.

Fields of Harvest was established in 2005, after becoming aware that God was leading us to larger Harvest Fields than the church that we were pastoring. We began to realize that while teaching how to discern the kingdom of God, people began to be healed in different areas of their lives. In 2007, Roger resigned as Senior Pastor of the church in North Carolina and Fields of Harvest, Inc. became our full time work.

Following the leading of the Lord into the ministry of deliverance, generational cleansing and inner healing, we have learned from and ministered with some of the most cutting edge ministers of our time.  Allowing the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to move through us, we have witnessed and experienced many miracles, signs and wonders.  We've been privileged to travel and minister nationally and internationally.

We continue to travel, teaching and equipping the Body of Christ in the areas of discernment and spiritual gifting.

We also offer Personal Prayer Ministry, focusing primarily on the areas of Generational Cleansing and Inner Healing. One of our delights is to train and mentor groups of friends who find themselves blessed with similar giftings. 

God has richly blessed us to become acquainted and connected with many among the Body of Christ, as we share what we have learned and continue to learn about Freedom and the Kingdom of Heaven.

Our heart is to create a safe atmosphere for all who want to encounter and come closer to God.  We feel that we are called to help realize and remove the roadblocks that are encountered along that path.  We long for the day when the Body of Christ realizes that because Jesus loves us, we have a destiny to walk in wholeness and maturity.  We welcome all who are seeking a more intimate relationship with the Lord to join us on our journey into His Heart.

We are available for Personal Prayer Ministry when we are at home in North Carolina and also by phone, skype or zoom.

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